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As the old saying goes: “Location, Location, Location!” It’s the key to any successful real estate investment. In the same way, Shawn Harooni believes that the key to successfully representing a tenant throughout a real estate transaction is extensive “Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge!”—knowledge, of course, about the real estate market’s volatile nature, tenants’ various needs, and the current conditions and trends affecting the overall economy.

Throughout his 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Shawn has been directly involved in the consummation of hundreds of complex real estate transactions that span that gamut from the leasing of office space, to the selling/purchasing of buildings, to the flotation of investment portfolios. He began his career in the real estate industry in 1987 as a broker. From this point onward, he avidly explored the avenues of real estate consulting, development, and general contracting through working independently as a developer and manager of commercial and industrial properties.

Prior to joining Norman Bobrow & Co. Inc., Shawn negotiated the sale of, purchased, marketed, leased, and managed various industrial and commercial properties within various investment groups; however, throughout his diverse experience in real estate, Shawn’s main objective has always remained the same: Furthering his client’s business interests through delivering exceptional service and comprehensive insight into the real estate industry.

Shawn Harooni


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