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Since joining Norman Bobrow & Co., Aaron Deutsch has worked with law firms, accounting firms, media firms, private equity firms, among others, and always looks to be a helpful resource as tenants begin to explore the market.

Aaron has always taken pride in being a great communicator, and always interacts respectfully and professionally with his clients. From previous experience and teaching himself, Aaron always walks out of every situation learning more to better serve his clients. As a tenant representative, he gets no greater joy than to both find the best office space for your business, while also empowering you with more knowledge of the market.

He truly enjoys educating his tenants, as well as, building relationships with them. With more than 400 million square feet of office space in New York City, tenants need someone to understand their needs completely, and be able to know them, and the market, well enough to find the perfect match, and Aaron is that person.

Aaron Deutsch


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